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Performance criterion - Organisational Capability

Building a diverse, engaged and high‑performing workforce is critical to delivering our current services to a standard of excellence, and build the services we need to lead the aviation industry to a very different future.

KPI results2016-17
People engagement survey-values focused
Expressed as a percentage of satisfaction and specific values-related results.
48%**Pulse survey
Diversity and inclusion index
Expressed as a percentage of the extent to which employees feel their work environment is inclusive of all employees and supports diversity
** Change
in method
Pulse survey
(as a %)


Our Employee Engagement Index is broadly aligned with our target. We continue to build in this area so we can establish an environment where innovation, learning and leadership thrive.

Our performance against these indicators, ensure we continue to be valued and accountable, efficient and commercial and innovative.


Our major achievements for the year included:

  • delivering refreshed leadership development solutions (such as diagnostics, coaching and action learning programs) that target the transformational capabilities and behaviours required of our leaders now and into the future.
  • finalising the enterprise-level workforce transformation roadmap. This identifies and prioritises key talent segments to address factors that impact attraction, selection and retention, aligned with forecasted industry trends
  • investing in technology, with the implementation of SuccessFactors to support our learning and development program.

Case Study

Just Culture

We foster a Just Culture across our entire organisation in all that we do. This major cultural shift creates an environment that:

  • encourages reporting
  • supports staff to recognise human error
  • fosters risk based decision making
  • advocates understanding how and why errors occur to help improve our systems and support appropriate action.

A Just Culture supports our values by enabling a shared understanding of expectations and facilitating trust. It is key to a positive workplace culture and helps us remain agile as an organisation. It is achieved by empowering people to exercise good judgement and improving the robustness and resilience of our systems and processes.

Throughout 2018-19 we implemented a series of initiatives to improve Just Culture across
our entire organisation. This included focussing on:

  • Engagement – we are connecting differently with our people, and using a ‘get the conversation started’ approach to engage with staff, including engaging executive videos and Just Culture coasters.
  • Robustness – by implementing a significant Just Culture training program for all staff that conduct or oversee investigations and providing them with appropriate tools to assist in applying Just Culture principles, to ensure outcomes of investigations are in line with the principles.
  • Commitment – by ensuring leader behaviours align with our Just Culture policy, through leader education and provision of leader-led Just Culture conversation packs to all leaders to conduct with their teams.
  • System – by redrafting our Code of Conduct to encompass our Just Culture approach.