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Performance criterion - Financial Stewardship

Responsible financial stewardship is critical to delivering our purpose and providing certainty to our customers and the community.

KPI results2016-17
Net Profit After Tax (NPAT)
Net profit after tax
Return on assets (RoA)
Airservices annual earnings as a percentage of assets


In 2018-19 our net profit after tax and return on assets continued to perform strongly. Our performance against these indicators, ensure we continue to be efficient and commercial.


Our major achievements for the year included:

  • NPAT of $62.4m was in line with expectations, with lower than planned revenues being largely offset by costs being managed below planned levels
  • following a price freeze that has been in place since 2015, the significant cost efficiencies we have achieved and sustained has enabled us to reduce our prices by 2 per cent from 1 July 2019. This improved financial stewardship has resulted in multi-million dollar savings for Australia’s airlines and the aviation industry more broadly
  • approximately $2.5 million in annual service charges were waived for Australia’s not-for-profit aeromedical providers, that provide vital services in remote parts of Australia.

Case Study

Sharing the benefits of responsible financial stewardship

Over the last three years we have realised and sustained significant efficiency savings that have improved the financial sustainability of the organisation.
This improvement in our financial position has enabled us to invest in new levels of cyber resilience, digital infrastructure and the information management capabilities required to meet the demands of continuing growth, and the complexity that will occur across the aviation industry over the next decade.

It also provides a robust foundation to fund our major investments in:

  • the new OneSKY air traffic management system
  • the modernisation of our operational networks across the country
  • new infrastructure that supports continuing growth of airport capacity through new and extended runways, and a new Western Sydney Airport.

After taking this investment into account, and following four years of holding prices at 2015 levels, on 1 July 2019 we reduced prices to all our customers by 2 per cent.

As per previous years, we have supported not-for-profit aeromedical operators such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, CareFlight, LifeFlight, Angel Flight and Little Wings by waiving $2.5 million in annual charges. We have also provided services to 3,000 low-volume general aviation operators at no cost through our light aircraft charging option.

Going forward, through continued responsible financial stewardship our corporate plan sets out our strategy to resume normal levels of returns to the Government, our owner.