Key Activities

We are driving transformational outcomes through our 3 lines of business to deliver on our purpose — connecting people with their world safely.

Our Lines of Business

Our 3 lines of business — Aerospace Services, Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services, and Enabling Services — support our ability to deliver services for our stakeholders.

Aerospace Services

Safely and sustainably delivering customer and community needs in our airspace
Our Aerospace Services reflect the changing nature of our service provision integrating new airspace users, uncrewed aircraft, stratospheric operations, space launch and recovery, in addition to traditional users of our airspace.

Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Services

The valued first responder at Australian aerodromes
Our Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services continue to be optimised to match customer needs, with our first responder teams leveraging emerging technologies to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable services, while keeping our people safe and reducing our environmental footprint.

Enabling Services

Digitally enabled business powering internal outcomes and customer performance
Our Enabling Services provide the infrastructure and services necessary for us to deliver on our ARFF and Aerospace services. We are transforming our enabling functions through automation and digitising our business to improve the speed and success of collaboration. We will be delivering a highly engaged workforce through our people and trusted partners. We will use advanced analytics and data that informs our decision making and the underlying networks.

Our Domains and Objectives

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Our Transformation Outcomes

We are driving 10 transformational outcomes to deliver the aspirations for our 3 lines of business — Aerospace Services, Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services and Enabling Services — as we connect people with their world safely.

ARFF Services

Sustainable and scalable ARFFs delivering improved safety for our people and customers through evolved fleet and people capabilities.

Key initiatives:

  • Fleet Renewal: A transformation of our vehicle capabilities that drives both efficiencies in operations and safety for our people, includes trials to test, pilot and prove feasibility of new technologies, including remote and/or autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicles, innovative fire fighting consumables, and digital systems. This ensures sustainability and long-term growth of ARFF services, through strong focus matching services to customer needs.

Aerodrome Services

Optimised, resilient and efficient aerodrome services through scalable and flexible delivery.

Key initiatives:

  • Digital Aerodrome Services: The introduction of digital air traffic operations at both Canberra and Western Sydney International Airports.
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM): Optimise airport operations through enhanced collaboration with customers by sharing real-time data and insights.

Aerodrome Expansion

Sustainable capacity growth with balanced community and customer outcomes.

Key initiatives:

  • Deliver a balanced outcome for all stakeholders while supporting industry expansion and infrastructure investment at Melbourne and Perth airports and the new Western Sydney International Airport.

Airspace Services

Optimised, safe and efficient use of Australian airspace through a single national air traffic system.

Key initiatives:

  • OneSKY Program: Deliver a harmonised civil and military air traffic management system that enables us to meet Australia’s air traffic management needs into the future, maintain Defence capability, and meet national security imperatives.
  • Airspace Modernisation: Improve aviation safety and efficiency through national standardisation and leveraging the benefits of increased surveillance coverage.

Uncrewed Services

Safe and sustainable integration of the Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) market.

Key initiatives:

  • Flight Information Management System: Testing, piloting, and proving technical feasibility to safely integrate uncrewed services into our existing operations servicing the aviation industry. We are advocating for Australia’s requirements in this emerging market through active engagement with standards and international harmonisation forums.
  • Drone Detection: Increasing the safety and efficiency of our industry by building the foundations for drone surveillance around Australian airports.

People and Culture

A thriving purpose and values-led organisation, aligning people capabilities to need.

Key initiatives:

  • Culture Reform Program: We will be a leading place to work in Australia, through our 4 key initiatives. Promoting a safe and inclusive place to work, embedding a culture of trust, care, and accountability, cultivating courageous and authentic leadership, and strategically optimising our workforce and talent.

Data and Information Services

Delivering valued insights by leveraging our unique air navigation and network capabilities.

Key initiatives:

  • Digital Twin: Ecosystem insights and decision support through artificial intelligence (AI) that simulates and evaluates real-time data to improve both the network capacity utilisation and recovery from disruption.
  • Aeronautical Information Management: Customers will receive interoperable, real-time, intuitive data harnessing automation and digitalisation of our Aeronautical Information Service (AIS).
  • Enterprise Network Modernisation Program: Developing a next generation telecommunications network architecture for service expansion to deliver greater network resilience and reliability for our industry. This is a key dependency for the OneSKY Program.

Support Services

Effective, engaging and efficient ways of working enabled by ‘next generation’ digital business tools and automation.

Key initiatives:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning: Deliver a digitally enabled set of core business processes supported by modern enterprise resource planning tools improving the efficiency and efficacy of our enabling functions.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Safe, inclusive, engaging and sustainable workplaces, enabling delivery of our valued services.

Key initiatives:

  • Inclusive facilities: Modernised facilities that improve the inclusiveness and safety for our people.

Environment, Community and Sustainability

Faster, greener, quieter outcomes for our communities and customers enabled by our commitment to sustainable aviation.

Key initiatives:

  • Aircraft Noise Management: Minimise the impact of aviation noise on communities through safe and feasible options in consultation with community and industry.
  • PFAS Management including Wastewater Management: Address the pollution legacy of our past use of fire fighting agents which included per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
  • Environment Strategy: Reduced total environmental footprint by minimising our resource usage, reduced emissions and sustainable practices. Protection of our heritage sites.