Our strategic performance measures ensure we continue to be recognised as an industry leader and valued service provider.

Our Performance Domains

Achieving our ambitions through our transformation investment outcomes, can be measured through 4 focused performance domains and targeted supporting KPIs, which are outlined in the Performance section.

Our Key Performance Indicators

Our strategic performance is focused on 8 enterprise-wide key performance indicators (KPIs). These indicators will monitor how we are progressing in achieving our performance outcomes and ensure we continue to be recognised as an industry leader and valued service provider. The baseline is set using our most recent performance metrics and our targets drive improvement in our performance over time.


TABLE 1: Corporate Plan KPIs

Transforming the Customer JourneySignificant Attributable Safety Occurrences0No significant attributable
safety occurrences
Planned Capacity Delivered as Percentage of Time*75%Meet planned capacity greater than 75% of time as traffic grows
Customer Satisfaction Score81%Improve satisfaction to 85% or above by 2027
Reducing the Cost to ServeReal Price Growth (5-year trend)Less than 0%Price growth to stay below inflation
Return On Assets-25.5%Improve our return to match a reasonable rate over time
Fostering a High Performing CulturePeople Engagement69%Improve engagement to be greater than 75% over time
Total Recordable Injury Frequency7.0Drive TRIFR performance downward year on year towards zero
Facilitating Sustainable AviationTotal Environmental Footprint241,510 tCO2eReduce our footprint by 10% by 2025-26

*This metric better represents Airservices contribution to industry capacity and replaces On Time Performance.