Airservices Corporate Plan On A Page

Our Purpose

To provide safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services that are valued by the aviation industry and community.

Our Ambition

To be the industry partner for keeping skies safe and delivering distinctive value.
Significant global traffic growth
Increasing airspace complexity
Automation, digitalisation and intelligent systems
Value of data growing exponentially
Evolving transportation ecosystem and value chain
Environmental and community consequences of aviation operations


Promoting opportunities to enhance the safe and secure growth of the aviation industry, anticipating future needs.

  • Promoting industry growth
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Modernising airspace for complexity and growth
  • Fostering and Promoting Aviation
  • International Capability Development Program
  • Airspace Modernisation


Investing to deliver enhanced and new service offerings, valued by our customers and the community now and into the future.

  • Enhanced air traffic flow management services
  • Low-level airspace integration
  • Digital aerodrome services
  • Low-level airspace traffic management services
  • Network Management Airport Collaborative Decision Making and Long Range Air Traffic Flow Management
  • Digital Aerodrome Services
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integration and Management Services


Delivering our services to a standard of excellence while improving safety and efficiency for our customers and the community.

  • Delivering our services to a standard of excellence while improving safety and efficiency for our customers and the community.
  • Community engagement
  • Evolving satellite based surveillance and navigation systems
  • Transition from navigation services to traffic management services
  • Civil Military harmonisation
  • OneSKY
  • Airport Development Support Program
  • Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services Modernisation Program
  • Air Navigation Services Readiness Program


Operating efficiently and effectively, while remaining agile to meet and exceed our customer, industry and community expectations.

  • People capability development
  • Information strategy implementation
  • Digital capability and cyber resilience
  • Leveraging industry capabilities
  • People
  • Digital and Information Capability
  • Enterprise Network Modernisation Program
  • Cyber Resilience
We are proud of our people and our contribution
We innovate for customer value
We achieve more together
We are authentic in our actions
We build relationships on trust and respect