Our Corporate Plan Initiatives

Our four strategic pillars - Service Excellence, Service Innovation, Industry Leadership and Organisational Agility - are the foundation of our value proposition to our customers, community and industry. This section provides our 2019-20 assessment against the service delivery and capability initiatives central to our performance.

Industry Leadership

Promoting opportunities to enhance the safe and secure growth of the aviation industry, anticipating future needs.

Our role in fostering and promoting civil aviation challenges us, as an industry leader, to continually look for ways to be more proactive across the entire aviation ecosystem. We exemplify leadership by anticipating changes rather than responding to them and bringing together stakeholders from across our industry and community to navigate increasingly complex issues. This collaboration supports industry growth, as we jointly create an environment in which the aviation industry thrives.

The outcomes of the initiatives below ensure we are valued and accountable, efficient and commercial and agile and innovative.

Fostering and Promoting Aviation2 per cent price reduction 1 July 2019Met
International Capability Development ProgramIndonesia Transport Safety Assistance ProgramOn Hold
We delivered a number of our planned activities (including staff exchanges, workforce planning and rostering and improving runway and airspace capacity) prior to the suspension of the programme in February 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Papua New Guinea Memorandum of Understanding
Airspace Modernisation ProgramIncrease and nationally standardise upper enroute Class C and Class E controlled airspaceMet


Service Innovations

Investing to deliver enhanced and new service offerings valued by our customers now and into the future.

To prepare for the future, we continually explore and identify ways to keep our skies safe and deliver distinctive value to our customers, the industry and the community. Our investment in this space during 2019-20 pivoted to focus on supporting industry growth into a different future.

The outcomes of the initiatives below ensure we are efficient and commercial and innovative.

Network Management
- Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and Long Range Air Traffic Flow Management (LR-ATFM)
A-CDM operational at Sydney and Brisbane airports On Hold
Key information system implementation milestones were completed and partner agreements signed with the possibility to restart in the future.
LR-ATFM operational at Melbourne airport
Digital Aerodromes ServicesTrial of contingency operation completed Met
National deployment roadmap completed Met
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Integration and Management ServicesPilot 1 - detection, tracking and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveillance trial completed Met
Pilot 2 - UAV surveillance system integration trial completed Substantially Met
Timing of the deliverables has been adjusted to enable the findings from Pilot 1 to be incorporated.
Pilot 3 - Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) ecosystem data integration trial completed Met


Service Excellence

Delivering our services to a standard of excellence while improving safety and efficiency for our customers and the community.

While the aviation industry operates in an environment of unprecedented change and complexity, we remain focused on delivering service excellence to our customers. Service excellence encompasses continuously improving all aspects of our business, cognisant of our environmental responsibilities and rewarding the trust placed in us by the communities and the government.

The outcomes of the initiatives below ensure we are safe and secure, valued and accountable and efficient and commercial.

OneSKY ProgramPreliminary Design Review completed Met
Critical Design Review completed Substantially Met
The deliverable has been delayed in completion from June to Quarter 2 2020-21. However, there was no impact on the overall program critical path and it remains within the contractual timeframes.
Melbourne Air Traffic Services Centre (ATSC) ready for installation Met
Airport Development Support ProgramWhitsunday Coast early Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) in operation Met
Whitsunday Coast ARFFS Category 6 service in operationMet
Sunshine Coast runway programme completed Met
Brisbane new parallel runway infrastructure programme completed, including new ARFFS station west Met
Western Sydney Airport airspace preliminary design Substantially Met
Preliminary design work commenced in Jan 2020 in accordance with the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development & Communications' timeline. The Department brought forward the requirement for the preliminary Airspace Design to August 2020. Work is continuing to support Airspace Preliminary Design facilitated by internal resources.
Air Navigation Services Readiness ProgramAir Navigation Services (ANS) Readiness Program completedMet


Organisational Agility

Operating efficiently and effectively while remaining agile, to meet and exceed our customer and industry expectations.

Our organisational capability and capacity underpin everything we do. We need to set the internal conditions for service delivery and innovation to thrive, as we develop our agility to respond to a rapidly changing and increasingly complex environment. This means continuing to foster a culture that is customer-centric and commercially focused, with processes and systems in place to support our people.

The outcomes of the initiatives below are a pre-requisite for our success in being safe and secure, valued and accountable, efficient and commercial and agile and innovative.

People CapabilityImplementation of people capability and engagement program commencedSubstantially Met
Our people capability and engagement is continuing to transform in response to Elizabeth Broderick & Co's independent cultural review.
Digital & Information CapabilityAir traffic network simulation prototype developed Met
Enterprise Network Modernisation ProgramProgramme transition stage commencedMet
Cyber ResilienceAchievement of readiness baseline one Substantially Met
Implemented Essential Eight controls in the corporate IT environment, mitigating the majority of known adversary techniques and hardening of mission critical Operational Technology systems continuing.