Operating context

Resilience is key to our success as we look to the future.
At a glance

International and domestic borders open

New airspace entrants

International travel projected to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2024-25

Slowing economic growth


After 3 years of uncertainty, our industry is well on the path to recovery. We continue to focus on the provision of safe, efficient and sustainable services, as we deliver on our purpose – connecting people with their world safely.

Australian domestic air traffic is recovering to pre-pandemic levels. However the recovery has not been uniform, with traffic demand patterns less predictable than those prior to March 2020.

Our operating environment remains challenging while the industry continues to build capacity and establish a new normal. There remain ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainties that affect the speed of the industry’s return to health and growth.

With China, historically our largest inbound tourist market now open, we expect Australian international air traffic to recover to pre-pandemic levels by 2024-25. The international market accounted for 50% of our pre-pandemic revenue.

The global aviation market continues to evolve, bringing new operators, technologies, aircraft types, long-term growth opportunities, and with them increased complexity. We are embracing new and innovative services to support the rapid evolution of the aviation industry.

We continue to make progress on key initiatives through our 10 change programs. These investments will transform every part of our organisation, providing a sharper focus on delivering safe, scalable, efficient and sustainable outcomes for our customers and the communities we serve.

Our purpose – connecting people with their world safely – is more important than ever. It informs and guides our response to 5 key macrotrends affecting the aviation industry that we will proactively navigate over the life of this corporate plan.

We are embracing new and innovative services to support the rapid evolution of the aviation industry.

Long-term trends