Corporate Plan 2019-20

Supporting the long-term growth of Australia's aviation industry.

2% reduction

in service charges from 1 July

$1.2 billion

invested in new infrastructure and services

$2.5 million

waived annual service charges for not-for-profit

Industry influences

Key trends impacting aviation

Airspace increasing in complexity

Significant global traffic growth

Value of data growing exponentially

Automation, digitisation and intelligent systems

The evolving transportation ecosystem and value chain

Environmental and community consequences of aviation operations

Our Mission

To provide safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services that are valued by the aviation industry and community.

Our ambition is to be the industry partner for keeping skies safe and delivering distinctive value.


Our four strategic pillars are our foundation

Industry Leadership

Promoting opportunities to enhance the safe and secure growth of the aviation industry, anticipating future needs. Read more

Service Excellence

Delivering our services to a standard of excellence, while improving safety and efficiency for our customers and the community. Read more

Service Innovation

Investing to deliver enhanced and new service offerings, valued by our customers and the community now and into the future. Read more

Organisational Agility

Operating efficiently and effectively, while remaining agile to meet and exceed our customers, industry and the community expectations. Read more

From the chairman

Our ambition is to be the industry partner for keeping skies safe and delivering distinctive value.

John Weber | Airservices Australia

Key initiatives

Exciting new projects with Airservices Australia

Industry Leadership

Airspace Modernisation

Airservices have developed an Airspace Modernisation Program that will deliver a series of enhancements to Australian airspace over the next five years.

Service Excellence


The OneSKY Australia program is a team of experts from Airservices and Defence working together to deliver Australia’s new CMATS.

Service Innovation

Network Management Collaboration

Collaborative decision making (CDM) will improve air traffic management by sharing information and data between airport operators, aircraft operators, ground handlers and air traffic control.

Organisational Agility

Digital and Information Capability

Advancements in technology has meant an exponential growth in data. To leverage the value of this data and to provide improved services in an increasingly complex environment, we need new capabilities focused on data and analytics.


Financial Highlights

2% reduction in service fees 2019/20

$200 million

in capital returned to the Government

$1.2 billion

in capital investment and new and enhanced services over five years